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Social Skills Group Therapy

The Social Skills Group Therapy offered at Alexander Road Associates is designed to help children learn and practice the skills necessary to develop competence and greater fulfillment in their social relations.  Groups are available for children ages 5-13 whose social skills difficulties extend from a variety of underlying psychiatric and academic issues, including Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities, social anxiety, and higher functioning Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The groups are highly structured and involve both teaching components and experiential role-playing;  groups with younger children also draw upon elements of play therapy.  Groups meet weekly for ten weeks (or more, if necessary)  and focus on helping children develop skills in:


·       greeting others and initiating conversations

·       actively listening and responding to others

·       asking questions or making comments to sustain interactions

·       accurately reading body language and other nonverbal cues

·       understanding appropriate personal space and eye contact

·       learning to join ongoing group activities

·       sharing and cooperating

·       dealing with teasing and anger

·       problem-solving and conflict resolution

·       maintaining a positive attitude and self-image


For children to enroll in a group, they and their parents must first undergo a screening interview at our office.  Considerations are given to age, maturity level, and severity of social skills difficulties when forming a particular group, so that cohesion between members can develop.  Groups are made up of 4-6 children .  Separate meetings between group therapists and parents of group members are scheduled twice during the course of treatment to provide feedback on how their child is progressing and offer additional suggestions.


For more information about the Social Skills Group Therapy at Alexander Road Associates, or to make a referral, you can contact us  at 609-419-0400.  

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