Prescription Discount

Prescrition Discount 

Help for uninsured patients to save up to 75% on their Prescription Medications with this Free Program


Compliments of  The National Faith-Based Alliance to Combat Hunger & Homelessness.


What is this program and how can it help you? This is a Free program that benefits the uninsured and underinsured. Anyone without prescription coverage, high co-pays or in the Medicare Part D “doughnut hole” can take this card to a participating pharmacy and receive a savings on their medication. RxCutPlus recommends that the insured register this discount card and always ask What’s my RxCut Price? Lab & Imaging discounts up to 50% off standard charges of Lab and Imaging for blood work, MRI’s, CT Scans and more visit for details.


How much of a discount do patients get? Discounts vary depending on the medication and the pharmacy. Discounts typically range from 15% to 75%, with the largest savings coming from generic medications. The program has provided savings as high as 85% and the customer will always receive the lowest price at the pharmacy!


Where can patients use the card? With over 54,000 participating pharmacies it is simple to find a pharmacy that will accept the card. Visit or call 1-732-722-8218 to find participating pharmacies in your area or for more information about our program. Many major chain pharmacies and independent pharmacies throughout the United States and Puerto Rico are included in this program such as:


Giant Eagle

Duane Reade





Rite Aid


A & P


Winn Dixie



How much does it cost to participate? The RxCut Prescription Savings Program is FREE. We provide this service to all individuals and families that wish to save on their prescription prices. 

When does the card expire? The card has no expiration date and can be used each and every time you have a prescription filled. You can even share the same card with your friends and family.

This flyer may be reproduced for distribution to your patients. If you would like a PDF version or laminated cards to distribute please contact us with your request. We would greatly appreciate you passing this information on to your colleagues with patients who would benefit from this program. Thank you for helping those in need.


Contact Information - 732-722-8218 or email


Click on the link below to obtain a copy og the coupon/card. It is active and ready for use. Cut along dotted line and bring to your pharmacy for immediate savings! If you need additional cards for family or friends, visit our website to print or request a free card. 



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