Alexander Road Associates

Alexander Road Associates is a multidisciplinary mental health care practice with psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists dedicated to providing state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluations and therapies to help children, their families and adults who are suffering from mood and behavioral difficulties.

Faxed Pharmacy Refill Requests - Policy Update

At Alexander Road Associates we are no longer accepting pharmacy faxes for medication refills. We will accept other pharmacy faxes such as for prior authorizations and we will still be accepting faxed medication requests from mail order pharmacies. This policy has become necessary due to pharmacy automated faxed refill requests that are often sent multiple times and often for prescriptions that have been discontinued by your doctor. Automated faxed pharmacy refill requests also occur after your doctor has provided prescriptions at your last appointment. This risks over prescribing of medications and is medically unsafe.

Prescription refills are provided to you during your appointment with your doctor with a sufficient supply to last until your next appointment. If you are a current patient of Dr, William P. Hayes, Dr. Jennifer Kearney, Dr. Asma Mian, or Dr. Sara Popkin and your prescription runs out before your next scheduled appointment please request medication refills at our medication refill page. If you do not have access to a computer you may call the office number at (609) 419-0400 and leave a message in our prescription voice mail box. Please be sure to call the week before a prescription runs out as we will require 2 full business days to process the request.
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