Alexander Road Associates
707 Alexander Road
Building 2, Suite 202
Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: 609-419-0400
Fax: 609-419-9200

Charles F. Martinson, JD, MD

Board Certified in Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry

Dr. Martinson is currently retired and is no longer providing consultations or patient care at ARA. Dr Martinson, a Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist and Lawyer founded Alexander Road Associates in 1997 as an inter-disciplinary clinical practice focused on providing mental health services to children and adolescents in the community and their families. Dr. Martinson initially received his law degree at Rutgers University and then completed his medical training at New Jersey Medical School. He completed his residency and child psychiatry fellowship training at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-University Behavioral Health System. He became an Associate Clinical Professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. We are proud at ARA to continue Dr. Martinson’s vision of an inter-disciplinary mental health care practice dedicated to the care of children, adolescents, adults and their families in the Princeton area.
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