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Alexander Road Associates is a multidisciplinary mental health care practice with psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists dedicated to providing state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluations and therapies to help children, their families and adults who are suffering from mood and behavioral difficulties.

Phone Sessions and Telehealth Options for the Coming Weeks

Dear Patient,

This is a time to support each other to stay healthy, both emotionally and physically and we want to honor everyone's appointment to the best of our ability. However, we have changed our practice policies until further notice to exclusively have patient sessions by phone/telehealth (video conference). If you have an in person session currently scheduled, please contact staff to switch it to a phone or telehealth session. 

How do I set up a phone/telehealth session?
Please contact the front desk staff at 609-419-0400 (extension 0) to set up your next session as a phone or telehealth session.  

How do I start a phone session?
If you have set up a phone session, please contact 609-419-0400 (extension 0) at the time of your appointment, and staff will connect you with the doctor.

How do I start a telehealth session?
If you have set up a telehealth session, please follow these three steps:

1. Click your clinicians link below to bring you to your clinician’s waiting room.

2. Type in your name

3. Wait for the clinician to enter the room

Dr. Asma Mian

Dr. Corriene Kurz

Dr. Allison Myles

Dr. Amy Parikh

Dr. Natalie Schuberth

Dr. Jordan Dalzell

Pat Sargiotto

Dr. Maureen Zdanis

YouTube Check In instructions:

Common Telehealth Questions

Is the link secure?


Is the link HIPAA compliant?


Do I have to download software?


Do I have to register?


Do I need to set up an account?


Please provide feedback

We also encourage you to provide your feedback on these sessions so we can best support you going forward.

Thank you.


Alexander Road Associates

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